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Dancing on a Cloud

The Dancing In The clouds effect will create a layer of fog to flow across the entire dance floor and surround the both of you to create a unique and memorable first dance along with some great photo opportunities. This is accomplished by utilizing a dry ice machine which produces a thick white cloud of fog ( from dry ice) resembling a beautiful cloud. The cloud will stay low to the ground and eventually evaporate, leaving NO residue or smell. The cloud will not trigger smoke detectors unlike other fog / smoke machines.


See video link below


$190 or $250 on a Sunday

SPARKULAR - Fireworks without fireworks!

SPARKULAR gold coast.jpg

$290 - 30secs burst - 2 Machines

$480- 30 secs burst - 4 Machines

An Effect that will leave you and your guest speechless. 


Sparkular is a NEW revolutionary special effect that looks just like a classic pyrotechnic display, without all of the danger associated with fireworks.


IF your venue says NO to us, and we will send them information regarding Sparkular.


• Indoor  /  Outdoor usage

• Very low smoke, dissipates fast

• Non Explosive.  No Smell.


• adjustable from 1 .5  to 2.5 meter height 


• Fountain can shoot up to 30sec intervals 





$20 per light  (4-8 lights hire)

$18 per light  (8-16 lights hire)

$15 per light  (8-16 lights hire)

Uplighting can create a mesmerizing background for the most beautiful and well-planned Wedding or Event. 


To achieve this effect, the uplights are projected on the walls and wash the room with colours. Any colour is possible and can be fully customised to match your theme colour. See the before and after photo (left).


The uplights can also be placed up on trees outside of the function centre, up on walls or behind the main tables, or to light up the columns.   The uplights are wirless and battery operated  so you will not see any messy cables. 


Calculate how many uplights you will need for your event based on the total square meterage of the space(s) you are lighting;  See our approx guide below.


100 square meters space =  5 Uplights

200 square meters space = 15 Uplights

300 square meters space = 20 Uplights


Name in Lights


Add a personalised touch to your event or wedding with monogram lighting!


Project your name, initials, date or company logo onto a wall of the venue for all of your guests to see.  


You can choose the style of fonts and choose from ready designs.   Click here to view all designs.


Cake Pin Spots

$80 ( 4 Pin Spots)

The cutting of the cake is an important part of the wedding reception. It is an exciting moment that symbolizes the first time the newlywed couple demonstrates their pledge to support and nourish one another.


Often times the reception is too dark and it will be difficult for anyone to see the detail of the cake, so making sure the cake is visible is important, so that you and your guests are able to enjoy to view the cake and the action during the cake cutting !

Glow Towers

$120 (Pair)

Glow towers are a great effect for any occasion.  The towers can be placed around the room and dance floor.


The towers are height adjustable and these can be added to any package. Each tower includes Uplight which can be set to any an colour to match your theme.


 Lights can be also added on the top to illuminate the dance floor, walls etc


The photo also demonstrates Pin Spots on top of the glow tower,  illuminating the cake.    The cake pin spots also have their own stand unit which is black. 

Photo Booth Album

Photo Booth Album


The album is a fabulous personalised keepsake for your special day.

Medium (25 pages- 50 sides) and colours Black or White.


  • -crafted using the finest European materials

  • -5-Star premium quality

  • -classic bamboo-ribbed spine

  • -stitchbound black pages and glassine interleaves

  • -photo-safe, archival quality (acid- & lignin-free

  • Holds up to 200 photos in  6x2" size or up to  100 in 6x4" size

Wedding Ceremony Music 

Wedding Ceremony Music

Need Music for your Wedding Ceremony?


I can assist!  


• Music prelude (when guests start to arrive)

• Walk in Song for Bridemaids, / Page  Boy / FlowerGirl

• Brides Processional Song

• Songs for when Marriage Signing 

• Bride & Groom Recessional Song

 • approx 15 mins of background music after the ceremony


I use a single compact PA system with a "plug-in and play" media device which allows a quick set up process and quick transition from ceremony location to reception.  If canapes is in the same location,  i highly recommend to continue with the music for canapes option.  



$150 or $220 including music for canapes afterwards   

$40 for cordless mic and stand (optional)

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