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A Master of Ceremonies (M.C.) is not just someone that make announcements.  The MC is the person that is responsible for tying everything together so the day or night runs smoothly ,  transitioning seamlessly one segment into the next. The MC coordinates with everyone present, including guests, wedding planners, photographers, videographers,  catering staff, bands and 
other entertainers.


Having a friend or family member to MC is a wonderful idea and I agree as that person would have a personal connection to you.  However, the downside is that the guest may find it a stressful "job" and may not be able to relax and enjoy the evening, regardless if they have experience as an MC or public speaking.  Another point to consider;  does your guest MC's like to have a drink?  I've seen on many occasions the guest MC having a little too much to drink, then becoming loud, telling inappropriate jokes and being irritable on the mic. 


As your Master of Ceremonies, I adapt to the delivery style to suit you, the audience and atmosphere of your reception. I can host several games (optional)  that can make your Wedding reception even more entertaining.  For a small additional fee when booking my DJ service,  allow me to MC your Wedding allowing ALL guests to enjoy the evening, worry-free.




Master of Ceremonies


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